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luxury packaging


If you can imagine it, we can design and manufacture it!

We offer a full range of promotional and custom packaging with a wide variety of techniques, finishes, closures and print effects to impress. The “reveal” or “unboxing” is a large part of the experience for influencers and customer alike

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I elevate my brand with luxury boxes?


First impressions matter more than ever with luxury brands. Consumers who go for high-end products expect premium quality in every detail, not just the product itself. So it goes without saying that luxury packaging should be part of the experience. Here’s how high end packaging can help you attract and retain loyal customers.


It reinforces your brand

Luxury packaging plays an integral role in shaping your brand’s identity and image in the minds of customers. They may have seen an advertisement on TV or online, but the packaging is where they get to interact with your brand in real life. Your packaging should look and feel luxurious and reflect the quality the customer believes they are getting with your product. This consistency not only reinforces the image they have of the product, it also increases the trust and dependability of your brand.


It enhances the experience

The association between packaging and the unboxing experience is unbreakable. Your product may be the star of the unboxing experience, but a perfectly-crafted package speaks for the premium quality of the product inside and creates an exhilarating experience for the buyer. That’s why the internet is full of unboxing videos — even people who didn’t buy the product want to know what it’s like!


For example, when we think of high-end jewelry brand Tiffany’s, the first thing that comes to mind is teal gift boxes and ribbons. This enduring impression of luxury packaging creates a satisfying experience for new jewelry owners, generating excitement before the box is even opened, and they are more likely to appreciate their purchase even more. This memorable experience also means they will choose this brand again in the future.


It justifies the purchase

Premium products come at a premium price — that’s no secret. However, customers can quickly regret buying a product if it does not match their quality expectations. And while the product may be of five-star quality, packaging that does not match these standards may disappoint the customer and discourage them from buying from you again. Creating a superior experience for the customer from start to finish upholds the impression of quality, and luxury box packaging helps to further justify the price point. Selling a high-end product? Offer your customers that and more, and they will be less likely to consider the more affordable option.


Increases sales

Studies show that 70% of customers are likely to buy a product just because of its packaging, and this fact has never been more true than with luxury brands. There’s a reason luxury perfume makers invest a lot in creating unique, highly sophisticated bottles — they know that scent aside, many people also collect perfume bottles. They enjoy having artful, attractive masterpieces on their dresser, and will sometimes even buy a perfume just for the bottle itself.


The same applies to luxury packaging boxes. A customer is more likely to pick your product if your packaging is unique, looks every bit as deluxe as they expect it to be, and exhibits superior craftsmanship. They’ll likely keep the box after they are done with the product if you “wow” them enough, and might even tell their friends about their unboxing experience or share it online, generating social media buzz for your company.


Superior protection

You want your product to get to the customer in perfect shape, especially if they paid a high price for it. Chances are you’ve designed something unique for your packaging, but the flip side is that many times achieving both finesse and sturdiness can be tricky. Working with a luxury packaging manufacturer can help you bypass these challenges as they have the experience required and can advise you on the best options for your packaging design.


What type of options are available with your custom rigid boxes?


The luxury market is limited in any industry, thus every brand’s strategy should aim at creating the highest brand value and pricing power. The stakes are even higher on the shelves, thus leveraging the singularity of your brand with unique packaging is vital to competing with others in your niche. To achieve this, you need a manufacturer like Epic Packaging that can accommodate all your needs in order to bring your luxury retail packaging ideas to life.


We are experts at rigid setup boxes, the most widely used packaging solution for high-end brands, and can help you stand out from the competition with a diverse range of customization options. Get any sizes you want; print your designs on the outside, inside, or both; enhance the sensory appeal by embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and more. Our custom rigid boxes are manufactured with durable structural integrity and premium materials so that you can present your products both safely and beautifully.


Is your high-end packaging sustainable?


Sustainability and going green are a main concern for consumers, and shoppers are increasingly turning towards more eco-friendly brands. Epic Packaging understands this need and passion for the environment and is therefore committed to offering brands the latest sustainable solutions in the packaging industry, meaning you don’t have to compromise on premium design or materials. Our luxury packaging solutions are a win-win, offering your customers high-end packaging boxes while protecting the environment.


We take sustainability personally and use 90+% post-consumer recycled paper for all rigid boxes, corrugated display boxes, folding cartons, and even e-commerce paper and padded mailers. Need temperature-controlled packaging solutions? We’ve got that covered too. We’ve partnered with some of the most extensive denim and plastic recycling facilities in the world to create 100% recycled insulated packaging for temperature-controlled shipping.

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