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Assembly & Packout

Our team expedites the packing, assembly, bundling, kitting, and sealing of your packaging and POP program. We can handle the largest project and meet thetightest deadlines.



Whether shipping to distribution center or direct-to-stores, Epic can handle every aspect of where it needs to be and when it needs to be there. We offer both Less Than Truckload and Full Truckload services with best-in-class portfolio of freight carriers.

Our team has extensive experience working with the nation’s top retailer logistic departments. Whether it’s scheduling retailer DC appointment times or expediting truckloads across the country, you can reply on Epic to get it done.


Epic is partnered with some of the largest and most experienced liquid and powder contract packagers in the U.S..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is contract packaging?


Contract packaging, also referred to as co-packing, is a manufacturing process in which one company hires another to produce their packaging, assemble, kit, and sometimes warehouse and distribute the final finished goods or products. The product may be packed in a variety of forms, depending on its nature. Contract packing comes in many forms, including plastic bags, thermoformed or plastic clamshells, blister packaging, standing corrugated point-of-sale display packaging, and many more. It can be customized to the type of product and industry. For example, food can be packed in a variety of ways depending on the product’s various complexities.


This is why production companies outsource contract packaging solutions. In many cases they do not have the money, time or resources to invest in the necessary machinery and automation to do it themselves. On the other hand, contract packagers are experts at handling various types of materials of any kind of volume and are experienced with the different levels of the packaging sequence. They have specialized equipment and resources, and will usually have partnered with others in the industry to enable them to handle a wide range of packaging needs.


Ultimately, outsourcing their packaging needs gives product manufacturers great freedom of choice and flexibility, so that they can present an ideal look to the market with fewer hitches.


How do our contract packaging services work?


Epic Packaging offers you high level custom packaging contract manufacturing so you can do what you do best and leave the rest to us. The process is simple.

First things first, we’ll design, value engineer, and manufacture your packaging to be eye-catching, meet all design standards, adhere to retailer requirements, and provide the best pricing. Once you are 100% satisfied, we’ll receive your product in bulk and go ahead to do the packing, assembly, bundling, kitting, and sealing with a turnaround time that’s second to none.


Our product packaging services include:

  • Packaging

  • Assembly

  • Shrink wrapping

  • Pouching

  • Stick pack contract packaging

  • Liquid filling contract packaging

  • Labeling

  • Bar code labeling

  • RFID labeling

  • Unitizing

  • Pallet Repackaging/Reconfiguring

  • Unitizing and Merchandising


We also handle every aspect of shipping and distribution across the country including fulfillment, warehousing, and logistics, and even ship direct-to-stores.


What are the benefits of contract packaging with Epic Packaging?


Our client relations are critical to us here at Epic, and we are committed to devoting our full attention and collaboration required to meet your expectations. We use our unsurpassed expertise and experience to ensure your production and distribution processes flow smoothly no matter what — whether you have tight deadlines or large projects. So why choose us to be your trusted contract packagers?


Partnership coalition

We pride ourselves in offering our customers a wide range of products and services, that’s why we’ve partnered with national and international packaging manufacturers to produce the packaging you need at the best prices.


Highly competitive pricing

Our business model enables us to offer our customers some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. We special design techniques, value engineering, and implement the most cost-effective production strategies to save you money.


End-to-end resource

Our full-service model includes concept creation, creative design, structural design, prototyping, manufacturing, assembly, contract packaging, and logistics/transportation. This means lower costs, streamlined communication, and maximum speed to market for your company.


Experience you can rely on

We’ve been in the game a long time, worked with a broad range of industries, and have designed, manufactured, and assembled an extensive line of packaging. We use the relationships and coalitions we’ve formed along the way to help you navigate everything from retailer’s requirements, merchandising, sustainability, and logistics.


“Best in class” speed-to-market

Our in-house team of project managers, engineers, and designers, as well as our strategically located partnership alliance of manufacturers and contract packagers are ready to maximize speed-to-market and minimize freight costs for you.


You can rely on us

We make it our mission and priority to meet and exceed our customer’s business objectives with everything from quality, cost, on-time, delivery, and customer service.


What is the contract packaging process?


Thinking of Epic as your contract packaging partner? Here’s a snapshot of what’s involved:


  1. Design: Our in-house design team will work closely with you through the whole process of concept creation, creative design, structural design, prototyping, and finally production of the final packaging.

  2. Inventory control: We’ll handle all inventory processes involved in receiving and auditing all product components for packaging.

  3. Printing and component production: We have the capacity to print or produce any extra insertions you may need such as manuals or artwork for the final package.

  4. Plastic / thermoform packaging production: We offer our customers 100% recycled denim and plastic bottles for temperature-controlled packaging solutions through partnerships with denim and plastic recycling facilities.

  5. Package assembly and fulfillment: Our team has extensive experience with a wide array of products, and will carefully execute all your assembly and fulfillment needs.

Warehousing and distribution: All your storing and distribution needs will be taken care of after the product is packaged.

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