Custom Display Boxes

an expression
of your brand


Whether your product is arriving in a box at your customer’s doorstep or on display in a retail store, the presentation is an integral part of its overall experience. Our team will ensure your presentation makes an impact. We will design, value engineer, and manufacture your packaging and/or display to be eye-catching, meet all design standards, adhere to retailer requirements, and provide the best pricing.

Custom Packaging

  • Litho Laminated

  • Folding Cartons

  • Molded Plastic

  • Rigid Setup Boxes

  • Flexible Packaging

2021.01.20_UN Display-11.jpg
2021.01.20_UN Display-19.jpg

Custom Displays

  • Temporary

  • Semi-Permanent

  • Permanent

  • Store Fixtures

  • Interactive

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Why Do You Need Custom Display Boxes?

Picture this: a potential customer is browsing store aisles searching for their next purchase. The shelves in front of them hold dozens of options produced by dozens of other companies just like yours. How will they choose? - Studies show that 70% of customers are likely to buy a product just because of its packaging. Here’s how custom display boxes influence that decision. - It Captures Their Attention - Brands are constantly fighting for consumers’ attention, whether online, on TV, or in-store. They do this by creating unique products or experimenting with their product presentation. After all, your product may be the best on the market, but it won’t get noticed if it’s wrapped in plain, boring packaging. - Eye-catching product display boxes are critical to increasing product visibility and exposure. It’s the only way to edge out the competition. - Brand Recognition - Product packaging and display boxes are where branding becomes tangible to the customer. They may have seen your product in an advertisement, but how your product is displayed will determine your brand’s first impression in real life. Using custom display boxes not only promotes brand recognition, it also allows you to communicate your brand. First, they will identify the product from afar. Then, they will feel and touch it to decide if they want to buy it or not. This is also true when buying online. While a consumer can’t touch the product, the packaging in which it arrives can make the buying experience feel exceptional. A plain brown delivery box just doesn’t cut it anymore. - It’s a Persuasive Marketing Tool - In-store advertising as a part of brand promotion is often overlooked, yet it has been proven to be incredibly effective in swaying customer decisions. Using creative in-store materials such as counter display boxes and shelf branding keeps your product top of mind to existing customers and attracts new ones. - It’s Cost-Effective - Companies sometimes focus on grand marketing strategies when really, success lies in the details. Custom display boxes are one of the simplest and most convenient channels to market your products. And, they have a significant effect on the customer’s decision. Companies can reap big benefits if they pay more attention to their packaging. - It Enhances the Customer Experience - Product packaging and display boxes are just as important to the customers as the product itself. Think of the minimalist and sophisticated packaging of Apple, one of the biggest consumer electronics brands in the world. In line with their minimalist and sophisticated brand, customers enjoy not only the product but also the satisfying unboxing experience. - Custom display boxes in stores allow companies to deliver a consistent brand experience as the product moves from the producer to the consumer. - Go Eco-Friendly - Eco-friendly and sustainable packaging sends the message that your ethics are consistent at every point in the supply chain, providing an opportunity to share your brand story and the values you hold. At the same time, customers are more discerning about the companies they support and have been shown to navigate towards green packaging trends such as cardboard display boxes. - This applies to wholesale and retail outlets too, who prefer products that use sustainable wholesale display boxes as it boosts their image and recycling efforts. - It’s a win-win: You get to protect the environment and promote your product at the same time.

The Epic Difference In Our Display Packaging