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Matte vs. Gloss Lamination: Which One Should You Choose?

Matte vs. Gloss Lamination: Which One Should You Choose?

Lamination might not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering packaging options for your products, but it’s a crucial part of designing durable, beautiful, and practical packaging. This is why laminated boxes are a common packaging choice that not only helps to protect products, but also elevates branding. In today’s world, laminated packaging is the way to go. But even once you’ve decided you need it, you will inevitably encounter the debate of matte vs. gloss lamination. These two options have their own advantages and can completely change how your product packaging appears to customers. With that in mind, let’s explore the definitions of matte vs. gloss lamination, go through some of the general benefits of each type of lamination, and help you figure out which one’s the best choice for your product needs.

The Benefits of Lamination

To make a more informed choice between matte vs. gloss lamination, it’s a good idea to first understand why lamination makes sense in the first place. And as far as product packaging goes, lamination comes with a range of benefits that make it the logical choice in almost all packaging situations.

Durability is a critical factor when creating packaging, and adding a stronger finish to the packaging itself will help protect your product. Both matte and gloss lamination paper can withstand much more wear, meaning that they will still look great when they arrive on the shelves or your customers’ doorsteps.

Another reason to spring for packaging lamination is simple: it looks better. After all, a laminated box will always be more appealing than a plain cardboard box. Whether you choose gloss or matte lamination printing, you can create a more attractive look that stands out from other packaging while creating a feeling of higher quality and better value.

Finally, with lamination becoming more affordable, it’s time to consider the potential ROI and whether it’s a good solution for your product packaging needs. Since it can make the products more resistant, more appealing, and also enhance your brand, it’s hard to argue against using a matte or gloss finish to get the most of what modern product packaging solutions can offer.

What is Matte Lamination?

Matte laminated paper is a popular option for various printing needs. It provides more resistance to smudging and imprints, creating a more consistent and high-quality finish that exudes an air of luxury. Because of these qualities, matte lamination printing makes for a great option when creating your product packaging.

The biggest distinguishing feature of matte lamination is the lack of gloss. It reflects little to no light, which means that you get a smooth, blurred look that can enhance the appearance of your packaging. Matte often has a pleasant muting effect on colors, making them seem more rounded and reducing the depth of the hues. Because of its high-quality feel, matte lamination is popular for packaging high-value items that need to look more sophisticated and elegant.

What is Gloss Lamination?

It’s important to compare matte vs. gloss lamination because they are such contrasting styles and you need to determine which one matches your brand messaging more accurately. If matte lamination is more neutral and elegant, the glossy and eye-catching gloss lamination finish creates sharp contrasts, deeper color, and an overall eye-catching design that’s hard to miss. There’s a reason why glossy lamination is so popular with promotional materials such as brochures, advertising materials, and magazines that need to draw people’s eyes as they pass.

Glossy packaging is perfect not just for promotional materials, but for any products that need to stand out from the crowd. Using gloss lamination for your packaging needs can create an extra memorable unboxing experience. You could even make the gloss laminated packaging a part of your brand, as it’s perfect for companies that want to emphasize youthfulness and positivity.

Matte vs. Gloss Lamination: Which is Right for You?

Even though both matte and gloss lamination options will elevate your brand’s packaging, one might be better suited than the other for your needs. So, which one is right for you?

Since both finish options increase the durability of your packaging, it often comes down to the style and branding factors that we discussed earlier. Glossy lamination has a more powerful immediate appeal, with its bright and shiny colors drawing attention and helping the package stand out. The gloss laminated sheen can completely transform your design, enhancing it and making it more visible. Gloss lamination may be for you if your brand has a fun, bright and youthful vibe.

Meanwhile, you get a less flashy but more sophisticated appeal with matte lamination. It’s a much more subtle look that might not pop as obviously as glossy packaging, but will definitely leave a favorable impression and be associated with quality, style, and elegance. If your brand is focused on appealing to high-end audiences who value luxury, opt for matte lamination.

Bottom Line

Adding the right finish to your product packaging can make a world of difference. You can elevate your brand and send a message, simply with the type of lamination you choose. At Epic Packaging, we provide end-to-end custom packaging solutions and can guide you through the entire process as the complete solution for all your packaging and display needs. You can also customize your own box with our custom product boxes - cost effective and easy to assemble. Call us at 424.208.2082 or fill out a form today to get started!

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