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15 of the Most Effective Small Business Packaging Ideas

Starting a small business is a dream for many. But to make that dream a successful endeavor means developing a plan for success, which includes creating an engaging marketing plan. Did you know that beautiful and inventive packaging can be a huge factor in the success of your business?

As the eCommerce industry becomes increasingly crowded, unique packaging is becoming an increasingly important way for small companies to compete. If you want to create a good customer experience and establish brand loyalty, keep reading for small business packaging ideas that will help your products stand out!

Why Creative Shipping Packaging Is Important

Isn't packaging simply packaging? After all, it's the final product that counts.

However, it would be best to consider that many people choose smaller businesses over big box stores because they can offer a personal touch. Having creative packaging ideas for shipping influences consumer decisions more than you would believe.

A product's packaging conveys a lot of information, from what the product can accomplish for your consumers to your company's ideals. Some claim that the packaging is as significant as the product. After all, it serves as a vital marketing and communication tool for your company. Here are some business packaging ideas to consider when deciding on your brand's direction:

It Sets Your Company Apart from the Competition

Thousands of items are competing for your client's attention on the market. If you hope to outperform your market rivals, your brand packaging needs to stand out and be distinctive.

Whether it's your color palette, beautiful typography, or a creative logo that sets you apart from your competition, this is the place to showcase it. Custom product boxes allow you to be creative and discover what makes you stand out.

Product Packaging Is a Marketing Tool

If you operate or sell in a brick-and-mortar store, your product's packaging can be a helpful marketing tool. Consumers are more likely to recall branded items, so having packaging with your logo front and center can help them remember your product the next time they go shopping. Consider what your product's and brand's packaging says about your company.

Packaging Color influences consumers' Buying Habits

Consumer purchasing decisions are influenced by the colors used in your product packaging. Colors affect your brain in different ways, so select your package colors carefully. After all, the visual sense is the one that most people have developed the most. It's only natural that color accounts for 90% of a product's evaluation when it comes to trying it out.

15 Small Business Packaging Ideas

Now that you know how vital packaging is to your business, we’ve curated a list to help spark some creativity:

1. Stickers and Labels

When initially launching a small business, you may not have the money to get beautifully tailored, and bespoke packaging with your brand logo put on it. For cheap packaging ideas that circumvent this financial obstacle, we recommend using a sticker or label instead. To create that branded packaging appearance, purchase a plain box and attach your company's logo and website as a sticker.

2. Natural Fibers and Accents

Simple craft paper and string are always near the top of the list when it comes to cute packaging ideas for shipping! You can add little pieces of dried flowers, twine to wrap the envelope, or raw paper to your box as a modest yet lovely addition.

3. Washi Tape

Washi tape is a great way to jazz up your package! It's a terrific way to add personality to a plain packing bag for a low cost! Seal your packaging by placing washi tape over the top of the bag. This little tape lets your customers see that the items they're getting haven't been opened or tampered with before they unpack them. Washi tape is one of those cute small business ideas that adds a personal touch to your product without breaking the bank.

4. Packaging Filler

Packaging fillers include items like packing peanuts, tissue paper, and shredded paper. Simple protective packaging for items may be made out of thin strips of tissue paper. It's a quick and easy solution to keep your goods safe while it's being sent.

All of them are excellent ways to give your package that additional unique touch and a more premium and professional appearance.

5. Recycled Paper Wrapping

Are you in search of shipping packaging ideas that are also eco-friendly? Then consider using recycled paper to wrap up your products. It adds to the old vibe and is a terrific way to recycle! Vintage book page scraps can be utilized to make belly bands to hold the goods in place.

6. Individual Packaging for Small Items

If you're selling small products like jewelry or enamel pins, package them separately in ornate and creative shipping boxes. Separately packing each piece is not only a charming touch, but it also protects your items from harm!

7. Cute Holiday Packaging

You may adapt your packaging to reflect the occasion if you sell items all year. Custom-created package paper with golden foliage can help bring in the fall season, or you can add a simple snowflake design that gives your products a wintery/Christmas feel.

8. Business Cards or Compliment Cards

Sometimes it's nice to give your package a thoughtful touch. For cheap product packaging ideas, you can't beat adding a small thank you or business card. These cards allow you to communicate with your consumers even after the delivery has been delivered. You can also personalize them by allowing a place on the card for your clients' names to be handwritten.

9. Layer

Incorporate the layering approach. This method is valuable for luxury goods or any company that wants to make its clients feel unique.

Try putting a box inside another box. Alternatively, you can use fabric pouches or envelopes. Unboxing and stripping each layer to reveal your merchandise will be a lot of pleasure for your buyer.

10. Tags With Personalized Care Instructions

Care instructions might be simple or elaborate, with the design complementing the rest of the container. It's the little things that make a difference in your packaging and demonstrate that you care about your items.

11. Belly Bands

An entire product does not need to be covered by packaging. Belly bands can be tailored to your company's identity while also requiring minimum packing. Less packing means less waste, and it also highlights the product's attractiveness! If you have smaller items on a shelf, a belly band can help showcase the product without being too distracting.

12. Apply a Stamp

Stamps are similar to stickers. They're simple to use and may be personalized to match your company's logo or website URL. Tissue paper, cards, and the outside of the container can all be branded with a stamp.

13. Flat Mailers With a Twist

Showcase a basic rendition of your artwork on custom envelopes if your business has an artistic leaning. When your consumers receive their order in the mail with a lovely rendering on the packaging, they will be ecstatic.

14. Branded Tape

The branded tape has the potential to be a game-changer when applied to your custom, creative shipping box. You can have custom tape printed with your company logo or design components and use it to seal your shipment.

Having personally branded tape means your buyer will know it's from you as soon as they see the box! This is a low-cost, high-impact approach to dress up your shipments.

15. Canvas Bags

Drawstring canvas bags are an excellent option to package your items inside the box. Canvas bags can make your customers feel like they're getting more bang for their buck because they can reuse the bag! For an additional touch, consider using your stamp (from above)to stamp your business logo onto the bag to make your packaging stand out.

The Epic Difference

We hope our list of small business packaging ideas has given you the inspiration you need to make your company stand out.

If you’re ready to take your packaging to the next level, Epic is here to help.

We value our client relationships and are committed to providing the attention and effort necessary to maintain them. You can count on us to ensure your project and experience are a success in every way.

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