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Molded Pulp Packaging Products

Sustainable Molded Pulp Packaging You Can Feel Good About

Take a new approach to custom packaging with molded pulp. With the world firmly focused on sustainability and going green, your clientele are demanding cutting-edge solutions that they can feel good about. Enter the eco-friendly option: molded pulp packaging, a fully recyclable packaging made from paper, cardboard, and natural fibers.

We don’t believe making an effort to protect our environment should require you to compromise on quality. Molded pulp products are formed to shape, allowing us to create rounded corners and other highly complex three-dimensional shapes for superior packaging options.

Epic works with our partners to deliver custom molded pulp packaging with a smoother, more sophisticated feel. Advancing technology means molded pulp manufacturers can produce classic boxes and other functional packaging features, such as end caps. And even if your packaging doesn’t make it to the recycling facility, the fibers within molded pulp are biodegradable.

We know you and your customers care about the planet. Make your packaging Epic by using molded paper pulp packaging that can be used again and again. Epic ensures your brand is the one that does everything it can to protect the environment, 100% of the time. Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

How Do We Make Our Molded Pulp Packaging?

Molded pulp manufacturing harnesses state-of-the-art technology to deliver the custom packaging you expect.

Want to know our secret to making a molded pulp box? Here’s the Epic way.

Step One – Pulping

We take natural fibers, such as bamboo, wood, reeds, and recycled paper as our raw materials. After crushing and grinding, we are left with fibers suspended in a liquid solution. During the pulping process, the length and concentration of the pulp are fully controlled.

Brightening agents, waterproofing agents, and dyes are all added throughout the pulping stage.

Step Two – Molding

We begin to shape your custom packaging through techniques like grout molding and vacuum molding. Standardized molds are developed to create the exact sizes and dimensions you would find with any plastic or Styrofoam box.

The Epic forming machine typically uses vacuum molding due to its effectiveness and ability to develop quality products every time.

Step Three – Drying

The molded pulp manufacturing process continues with the drying process. Driers may be powered by fuel, oil, gas, electricity, or steam. Hot air dries molded paper pulp manufacturing and draws every water droplet from the finished product.

Fans are also used to accelerate the drying effect to ensure you get your products on schedule.

Step Four – Shaping and Trimming

The fourth step utilizes a shaping and trimming machine to get the dimensions perfect. An electric heating plate creates a mold, and then pressure (either air or hydraulic) presses the product to leave your boxes with a neat and elegant appearance.

Shaping and trimming are not only about those finishing aesthetic touches. This process also increases shock resistance and makes your molded paper pulp tougher.

Step Five – Packing

Finally, your products are inspected, packaged, and stored. Automated packing machines accelerate the process to ensure accurate counting and quality control every time.

Once we’ve completed the packing process, your products are ready for delivery right to your door.

The Benefits of Molded Pulp Packaging

Why should you care about working with molded pulp packaging manufacturers?

Other than securing an environmentally-friendly packaging option, you need to know that you are getting high-quality packaging that meets your brand's standards. With the importance of nailing that first impression, we understand that you’re doing in-depth research about molded pulp before making a final decision.

Here are just some reasons why molded pulp packaging makes for good business.

Environmentally Friendly

Bolster your green credentials by making the sustainable choice. Your choice of packaging influences your carbon footprint. By using completely recyclable materials in your packaging, you know you’re keeping your carbon emissions low.

Now you can not only feel great about your business operations, but your customers will also appreciate your sustainability efforts.

Fully Biodegradable

Our molded pulp packaging is designed to be fully biodegradable. It quickly decomposes and breaks down entirely, giving it a tremendous advantage over plastic.

For small businesses without an in-house recycling program, the biodegradability of this packaging alone is a great reason to make the switch.

Toxin and Allergen Free

Allergy-free materials make up 100% of the manufacturing process. Unlike traditional packaging, made from synthetic and petrochemical materials, this packaging emits no toxic gasses and doesn’t pollute the environment.

Fully Reusable

Eco-friendly materials lend themselves for constant reuse. At the end of your packaging’s lifespan, all the materials within can be fully repurposed. Whether it’s within other eco-friendly industries or more custom molded pulp packaging, you know your business is contributing to a greener world.

Now you don’t need to worry about whether your packaging will find itself in a recycling facility or breaking down in an anonymous landfill somewhere.

Slash Your Costs and Improve Your Image

The nature of this packaging is tight and lightweight. By cutting down on space, you reduce your packaging waste and slash your overheads, as well as your shipping costs. Going green with your packaging is an investment that repays itself many times over.

Simultaneously, you’re improving your image. Most modern consumers are more likely to engage with eco-friendly businesses. Revamp your image and be the leader in sustainability in your industry.

Attract more customers, appeal to your existing clientele, and grow your business with this simple transition.

Molded Pulp Options For All Your Needs

The beauty of this packaging is how many options it offers and the sheer range of applications. Molded pulp packaging manufacturers can cover every business need. We have the solutions to suit your business through our carefully chosen partners.

This Epic option is the only packaging choice you will ever need to make. Here are some insights into the sheer variety of options you have to choose from.

Types of Packaging

  • Thick Walled Pulp – The thickest type of this packaging available. The thick, rustic profile and the unfinished surface are perfect for heavy equipment. Useful for transportation and shipping companies.

  • Transfer Molded Pulp – Made by transferring from one mold to another during the manufacturing process. Both sides are finished properly to deliver a beautiful look and feel — the most popular type of this packaging option by far.

  • Thermoformed Fiber Pulp – Made with heated molds to make the material look denser. Finely shaped products for more precise packaging needs. Often used for more refined products, such as soup bowls and dinner trays.

  • Processed Pulp – Pulp packaging created through secondary processing. Great for cushioning fragile products due to its similarities to expanded polystyrene.

Molded Pulp Packaging Applications

Businesses often agonize over the best type of packaging for them. Incorporating several packing options throughout your company is confusing and expensive. Molded pulp packaging manufacturers are popular not just for environmental reasons, but for the vast range of applications they offer.

Some of the products you can use this packaging with include:

  • Egg trays

  • Fruit and vegetable trays

  • Plant holders

  • Wine shipments

  • Corner caps

  • Standard boxes

And that’s only the start! There are endless other possibilities for this type of packaging, making it easy to find your fit. Not sure what fits your brand best? Read our comprehensive guide on the types of boxes for packaging!

You can select the uses that serve your business, from basic packaging to custom product boxes. Whether you run a factory that needs to transport heavy equipment, a brick-and-mortar in need of display boxes, or an online brand searching for a more sustainable approach to e-commerce packaging, Epic can get i

Make the epic choice and team up with Epic Packaging for high-quality, end-to-end custom boxes and packaging solutions.

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